The great reviews for Sutherland Plumbing keep comin’ in!!

“Honest, knowledgeable, friendly service at its best! I called Ti before the impending rainstorm last weekend because our driveway drain was clogged. He was at our door within 20 minutes of calling! I mean really, who does that? He was on his way home but turned around to come help us. Ti arrived, cleared the drain and warned us that he could “feel” the drain was close to a failure. Ti has been doing this so long and knows his stuff so well he could tell the pipe was deteriorating based on the sound & feel of the drain snake as it went through.  I doubt other big drain companies would have such knowledgeable staff. Sutherland Plumbing is an owner-operated business so Ti’s personal reputation is behind every job. Oh, and there was no hard sales pitch on eventually replacing the rain drain pipe! Just a courtesy heads-up that we will have a significant expense coming in the future so we could plan for it. Shalom!

Update: After Ti came out on Friday he called on Sunday to check up on us.  He said he was watching the streets in his neighborhood flood and wanted to see how we were doing.  Our drain was clear but in case it failed in the future he had already called the contractor he had recommended to us for drain replacement and told him about our situation.  Great customer service!”

Josh T – Portland, OR

Don't just take their word for it - Experience the Sutherland Plumbing "difference" for yourself - Call Sutherland Plumbing at (503) 719-4015!

Don’t just take their word for it – Experience the Sutherland Plumbing “difference” for yourself – Call (503) 719-4015!

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