A great Yelp review – from a very satisfied customer!

“I am beyond impressed with Ti and his side-kick intern Sean. They give you 110% of their time, advice and incredible knowledge, with friendly & comfortable company, I might add. This will forever be the only plumbers’ phone number I save. They really, really give superior service, not to just your plumbing needs but to you as well. 5 stars just isn’t enough!

Ti likes Sprite and Sean prefers Coke – they were working in scorching heat. They make you feel very comfortable. As a woman at home alone and at ease, I feel like I just made two new friends! Both were fun to have in my home and did an outstanding job on my current plumbing needs. I live in an older home that was completely remodeled two years ago and the plumbing was not updated very well. But Ti didn’t give up on finding solutions. He kept investigating and fixed my pipes and added new  fixtures outside. I have another project he will be coming back for and I look forward to writing the check and having him around. They are both just sweet as pie!

His pricing was shocking (in a good way) vs. the amount of work they did. I was happy to write that check! It was easily affordable for me. I would have them over for dinner with their great sense of humor yet professionalism. Ti even advised me on a woodworking project I am currently doing. Ti is definitely a top-notch plumber. I learned while he was here that he has been doing plumbing since he was just a kid. Expect excellence and pride in work with some laughs and smiles along the way with Sutherland Plumbing!

Ti and Sean: stop by anytime for a soda! Thank you both for the AWESOME fix, yeahoooo I can water my lawn now! I look forward to the pressure booster system, that’s so cool I didn’t know that it even existed. Take care, thank you again, it was my pleasure meeting the both of you and I will talk to you soon!

Amy N – Gladstone, OR

Sean Sawdust

Here’s Sean – Sutherland Plumbing’s #1 intern! As you can see, he doesn’t ming getting dirty on the job and he loves an ice-cold Coca-Cola! (Although Master Plumber Ti prefers an ice-cold Sprite!)

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