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Remember – The CCB is Important when choosing a plumber!

The Oregon CCB “Oregon Construction Contractors Board” is responsible for safeguarding the security & property of Oregonians by preventing and resolving construction & contracting problems and by insuring contractors’ compliance with the law. The Board administers the Oregon Contractors’ Law that provides for the licensing of residential & commercial construction contractors, subcontractors and home inspectors; investigation and adjudication of complaints filed against licensees; and assessment of sanctions against unlawful contractors. In this sense they are the contractor police.

Think: If you were planning to buy a car, it’s conceivable that most people spend hours reading reviews, researching & comparing options and perhaps even asking the opinions of people with first hand experience. Of course, you wouldn’t want to end up with something falling short of expectations, costing too much or breaking down on you, right? All this becomes exponentially risky when choosing to purchase from an unknown or an un-reputable source.

Ironically, everyday consumers find themselves in an unfavorable position & out thousands of dollars because they hired a contractor or somebody posing as a contractor, while at the same time unknowingly forgoing some or all of their consumer rights.

This doesn’t have to happen to you !

Check-out these 16 ways to avoid remodeling, repair & construction problems.

The document in the above link is the instruction manual for hiring a contractor and/or planning a construction, remodel or repair project that requires a contractor governed by the CCB. In short, that’s ANYBODY that promises, advertises, delivers or performs improvements, repairs or alterations to, (but not limited to) real estate, structures property and/or land.

SP Truck

One more reason to choose Sutherland Plumbing…

Clear, accurate estimates with no surprises:

Today is no different from the past – businesses compete over price and sometimes price alone. One way businesses do this is to quote cheap prices over the phone or advertise low rates and then tell you what it’s really going to cost once they are in your home or business!  A.K.A “the bait and switch!” The cheap rate over the phone is often half the truth. The low rate or quote “sight unseen” may not include or cover a variety of items and usually costs extra. Sutherland Plumbing technicians will look at the issue, explain the process in detail and answer all of your questions prior to work commencing. This way you know what your options are and what costs those options carry before any work begins!

Master Plumber Ti Sutherland will personally provide you with a clear, concise, accurate, written estimate prior to any work commencing. Just call (503) 719-4015. Call today!!

Ti’s Tips Reminder – How to adjust your water heater!

Are you happy with the temperature of your hot water? Adjusting it might be simpler than you think! Hotter water has its advantages and disadvantages, the same holds true for cooler water temps. If you’re uncertain, do some research to learn what’s best for you and yours.

IMPORTANT – Read and follow the printed Installation Instructions that came with your water heater. The printed Instructions and product labels contain model-specific information, important warnings and safety notices. If you lack the necessary skills to install, troubleshoot or repair the water heater, get help from a qualified person.

Gas Water Heater Adjustment:

Gas Heater AdjustmentIf you have a gas water heater you are in luck as far as adjusting the temperature! There’s nothing to remove or replace. Simply turn the dial located on the front of the gas control valve.



Gas Heater Adjustment 2

The warm setting will be in the 90 to 110 degree range. The hot setting will average 140 to 150 degrees.




Electric Water Heater Adjustment:

Electric Heater AdjustmentTurn off the water heater breaker. If you have a double-element water heater, remove both access panels (upper & lower).

For single element water heaters, remove the lower panel.



Electric Heater Adjustment 2Pull the insulation to the side or remove it so you can see the thermostat.

Remove the plastic cover if it doesn’t have an access hole for the adjustment screw.


Electric Heater Adjustment 3

The thermostat adjusting screw is located at the bottom of the thermostat, just above the element. As you can see you’ll need a small flat blade screwdriver.

***Remember: if you have a dual element electric water heater (the vast majority) make sure both thermostats (top & bottom) are adjusted to the same temperature.***

Replace the plastic cover. Place the insulation back over the thermostat and element. Replace the access panels and turn the power back on.

Electric Heater Adjustment 4


Sutherland Plumbing – a REAL family company!

We frequently hear talk of “Local,” “Family-Owned,” or “Family-Operated” companies. Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes these companies are actually huge corporations or franchises! At Sutherland Plumbing we pride ourselves in being the Portland metro area’s premier family-owned & family-operated plumbing company. Each & every time you work with Sutherland Plumbing, every single customer will always work with a real Sutherland family member at some point during the process.  No huge offices & no endless bureaucracy. That’s just one of the Sutherland Plumbing differences!

Ti & daughter in Corn Maze

Ti Sutherland (Co-owner/General manager) with daughter in corn maze @ Baggenstos Farms. (

Ti’s Tips, Reminder! Promoting Water Conservation…

High water pressures waste water. Many municipalities today not only charge homeowners and businesses high rates for water consumption, but also charge consumers equally high rates for the disposal of wastewater. Furthermore, reducing water consumption reduces the excess energy required for heating additional water.

  • Water Saving: Twice as much water flows through a system at 150psi pressure than at 50psi. Much of this additional water is wasted.
  • Energy Savings: When less water flows through the system, less energy is needed to heat the water. Calculations show that a Watts water pressure reducing valve can save as much as 30% on water heating costs.
  • Wastewater Savings: When the community’s wastewater treatment load is reduced, cost benefits accrue to both the environment and your bottom-line. Many municipalities prorate sewer usage fees based upon the water meter reading.

Water Conservation

With Sutherland Plumbing – it’s always “Safety First!”

Sutherland Plumbing, LLC is committed to community safety and supports efforts to raise awareness of a rising threat to us all: “distracted driving.” Distracted driving has unfortunately been proven to be one of the leading causes of injuries & deaths resulting from automobile accidents. Our company policy prohibits the use of mobile communication devices while driving. Our goal is to be 100% compliant. We are looking to the community for help in accomplishing our goal of 100% safe driving.

You can help hold us accountable! Be on the lookout for a Sutherland Plumbing, LLC company vehicle, as seen in the photo below. If you see any Sutherland Plumbing employee using a mobile communication device in a way that violates Oregon’s statute 811.507  you can earn $100.00 by simply noting the date, time & vehicle license plate number. Submit your findings to We promise to investigate the incident & reward individuals for helping us become 100% compliant.

With Sutherland Plumbing, it's always "safety first." Just another example of the "Sutherland Plumbing Difference!"

With Sutherland Plumbing, it’s always “safety first.” Just another example of the “Sutherland Plumbing Difference!”

Please Note: Reward payouts are subject to an in-house investigation that leads to proof that a Sutherland Plumbing, LLC employee was in violation of Oregon’s statute 811.507 – “Operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device.”