With Sutherland Plumbing – it’s always “Safety First!”

Sutherland Plumbing, LLC is committed to community safety and supports efforts to raise awareness of a rising threat to us all: “distracted driving.” Distracted driving has unfortunately been proven to be one of the leading causes of injuries & deaths resulting from automobile accidents. Our company policy prohibits the use of mobile communication devices while driving. Our goal is to be 100% compliant. We are looking to the community for help in accomplishing our goal of 100% safe driving.

You can help hold us accountable! Be on the lookout for a Sutherland Plumbing, LLC company vehicle, as seen in the photo below. If you see any Sutherland Plumbing employee using a mobile communication device in a way that violates Oregon’s statute 811.507  you can earn $100.00 by simply noting the date, time & vehicle license plate number. Submit your findings to office@sutherlandplumbing.com. We promise to investigate the incident & reward individuals for helping us become 100% compliant.

With Sutherland Plumbing, it's always "safety first." Just another example of the "Sutherland Plumbing Difference!"

With Sutherland Plumbing, it’s always “safety first.” Just another example of the “Sutherland Plumbing Difference!”

Please Note: Reward payouts are subject to an in-house investigation that leads to proof that a Sutherland Plumbing, LLC employee was in violation of Oregon’s statute 811.507 – “Operating motor vehicle while using mobile communication device.”

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