Yet another outstanding review for Sutherland Plumbing!

November 14, 2014

Professional.  Creative.  Informative.  Friendly.  Visionary.

Those are not always the adjectives you’d think of for a plumber, but they fit Ti Sutherland perfectly.

We had a leak spring-up in the pipe from the water main to our house.  A nice little river running down our sidewalk!  We had the Water Bureau guy out and he gave us an initial assessment and thoughts about the type of work that the plumber we’d hire would have to do.  We had several plumbers come out and give us quotes.

While Ti was not the cheapest, he had the best plan.  We were able to ask him questions and get well thought-out answers.  Of all the plumbers, he was the only one to look in the crawlspace to see how the water was feeding into the house beyond the initial shut-off valve in the garage.  One plumber told us they’d have to dig up the sidewalk and re-pour the concrete, which sounded crazy expensive.  Another plumber was going to jackhammer a corner of our garage to re-use existing steel pipes that did not have much time left.

Ti subcontracted some great people who were able to bore a hole from the water main, under the sidewalk, under our garage, and in to our crawlspace.  Ti then did some masterful work creating a new, easily accessible shut-off valve while redoing the spigot at the front of the garage with an easy to use winterizing valve. This turned our house in to a closed (1 way) system, and normalized the water pressure.

After the work was done, Ti took us through all of the modifications and showed us how everything works.  He also gave us some thoughts about the future needs of our house and helped us start planning for eventual updates that will need to happen.

Ti was up front about pricing, and stuck to his quote.  The parts he used are very high quality, and we’re extremely pleased with the quality of work.  We will definitely look to work with him again when we need a plumber!

5 Stars (Yelp)

Sam W – Portland, OR

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