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January 22nd 2015

Ti and his apprentice, Sean quickly & efficiently accomplished the following for me:
1) Replaced broken garbage disposal system & updated the connected plumbing.
2) Replaced broken “frost-free” exterior hose spigot.
3) Unclogged sink drain & stopped exterior faucet leak.

This is the 3rd time I’ve hired Ti and he is officially my “go-to” plumber.  This time, he had a 2nd pair of helpful hands with his new apprentice Sean, who was an awesome hire!  Both guys were very professional and worked well together as a team to get the jobs done quickly.  Upon arrival, I walked them through my laundry list of plumbing issues, and Ti was thorough in his feedback on each issue.  Due to my budget, I had them tackle only our biggest issues, which are listed above. The remaining “handyman-type” plumbing issues, I opted to try to fix myself, and Ti was super accommodating to explain the “how to” & he also provided a product list!  What a GUY 🙂  Thanks again Ti and Sean, and keep up the great quality work!


Brett J – Portland, OR

Brett J Old Unit

Underneath our sink before Sutherland Plumbing’s great work…

Brett J New Unit

…and after the top-notch work from Sutherland Plumbing!

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