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December 11, 2014

Sutherland Plumbing was hired to do two things:  1) Emergency restoration of water service. 2) Replace broken water main feeding my home.

I discovered water bubbling up through my front lawn on Saturday.  The lawn was flooded & there was flooding along the side of the home. Another contractor who coincidentally was at my home for a different issue suggested Ti Sutherland and two others.  He then called all three on my behalf right there, to see if anyone could help me out.  They all called back quickly, but Mr. Sutherland said he could come by on Sunday to survey the problem.  He described a two-step fix: 1) To get my water back on, he could install a hose across my lawn into an outdoor faucet that would feed back into the house.  2) When he could get his digger/driller crew out on Wednesday, he would replace the broken water main.  We agreed on a price and schedule, and he restored the water on Sunday.

Mr. Sutherland called me Sunday evening to check-up on us and to ensure our water was working.  Extra points for that!  He scheduled his digger/driller crew for Wednesday.  He showed up with his assistant, his drillers showed up, and they got the problem solved in a few hours.  Then he and his assistant cleaned-up the lawn, even replacing the sod so it looked like nothing had ever been done and the water is great!

One other thing: Mr. Sutherland knew there were other contractors who would be coming out to see the problem.  Once we agreed on Sunday that he would be doing the job, he asked me to call the others to tell them not to come out, because he didn’t want their time to be wasted.  I would have done that anyway, but I was amazed to see how much concern he had for others.  A very kind & decent man! 

I would easily use him again, and recommend his company to my friends.


Tom H – Hillsboro, OR


December 06, 2014

Sutherland Plumbing fixed a slow filling toilet and fixed 3 slow-moving faucets.

Ti was great. He showed up early in the time window and was very friendly and professional. He was very helpful in explaining the causes of the problems. I highly recommend this company. His apprentice Sean was professional and polite also.


Scott S – Lake Oswego, OR

Response from Ti Sutherland:

Thank you for the review, we are pleased to learn tour experience was a good one!

Ti Sutherland, owner of Sutherland Plumbing in Aloha, Oregon.

Ti Sutherland, owner of Sutherland Plumbing in Aloha, Oregon.


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