Our awesome customers keep Yelping us out!!!

April 3rd 2015

How many times has your plumber called you after the job is done and said, “Thank you for trusting us?” Never – right? John of Sutherland Plumbing called to tell us the job was done and to thank us. Ti also emailed to thank us. We did trust them and I would advise you to trust them too. This business is a straight-up diamond example of GOOD in this crazy world.

Our tricky plumbing situation involved an unrepairable 90-year-old sink, a leaky faucet, in a rental house and having to fix the problem from 2000 miles away. We called Sutherland Plumbing and from the first phone call, Ti was excellent to work with.

To make a long story short – we needed a new sink to fit between 2 cabinets in a 90-year-old house.  We wanted to disrupt our tenants as little as possible. We wanted to have a good solution but not spend a million dollars. We solved the problem with many phone calls, emails and pictures. Ti spent time searching for the right sink for the space. Of course there was a glitch on the final install day – but Ti solved it with his diamond saw. Hooray!

The new sink is in – it looks great via email pics – and I would recommend Sutherland Plumbing for ANY plumbing job you might have.

5 stars (Yelp)

Scrantz L – Madison, WI


March 31st 2015

Best plumber I have ever dealt with.  Fast, efficient, quality work.  Pricing was reasonable.  I’m so happy to have a go-to plumber in the Portland area.

5 Stars (Yelp)

Shawna H – San Diego, CA & Portland, OR

Ti in Corn Maze

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