Great Customer Service = Great Reviews!

Sutherland Plumbing blows all plumbing companies out of the water!! Not only do they provide top-rate quality work, but also, when it comes to customer service, they are the “Nordstrom’s” of plumbing!!

Ti replaced two of my old decrepit hose bibs, at no charge, after doing a huge water main replacement job.  The water main is fabulous!  However, later I unfortunately discovered issues with the hose bibs that I personally couldn’t live with.  It was embarrassing, since they were free.  I know there are some plumbers that would never even respond to the email I sent about it.  However, Ti immediately replied with his first available date to fix these issues – at no charge – even though I offered and expected to pay.  He showed up promptly, made the repairs, and still would not take payment.  SUPER QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND THEY STAND BY ALL THEIR WORK – The Full Trifecta!!!  (And, I love, love, love my new hose bibs!!)”

Call the pros at Sutherland Plumbing and we'll come and take a look at your plumbing issues! Call (503) 719-4015. Don't delay this important call!

Call the pros at Sutherland Plumbing and we’ll come and take a look at all of your plumbing needs! Call (503) 719-4015. Don’t delay this important call!

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