Another great review from another great customer!!

Sutherland Plumbing deserves more than five stars!  After receiving my last water bill from Sunrise Water it was apparent that I had a leak in my water system.  After looking at the situation, I found that I had a major leak in my main water service line between the water meter and my home.  I called two different plumbing companies in the local area – one of them three times in three days and never received a call back.  The second one called back but could not make an appointment with me for 7 days.  I was telling my son about the problem I was having getting a plumber to call me back.  My son said that he knew of a plumbing company called Sutherland Plumbing, that he had called and they got back to him on the phone in a matter of minutes.  I placed a call to Sutherland Plumbing and left a message.  Sure enough, I received a call from Ti Sutherland within 10 minutes.  We discussed the problem and he asked if I could text him some pictures of the layout of the yard so that he could send me a bid to replace the water line.  I requested that he replace the water line because it had broken two previous times and I was tired of the problem.  Ti sent me a bid the next day and we then set up a time for the repair.  At the same time I  found that my neighbor had the same problem and needed to have her water line replaced!

The morning of the appointment I received a call from Ti around 7:30am and his team was on the job by 8am sharp.  No playing around, these guys are professionals.  They set up their vacuum digging machine and their underground boring machine and by noon had a new water line running to the crawl space under the house.  This was no easy job as they had to run about 100 feet of water line and then make all the connections.  We were up and running with water in no time.  The neat part was that they never had to dig up the yard.  Just enough digging to find the utilities, electric, gas, tv cable, etc.  I was really impressed when I saw Ti and his employees put on “booties” to come in the house.  They also covered everything with throw carpets and tarps so as not to track any mud into the house or even on the concrete.  Yes, they even covered the concrete walkways so as not to track mud on them!

The same day they also did a similar job at my neighbor’s home.  We were very impressed with their professionalism.  If you were to look at the yard you would not be able to tell that they had even disturbed the grounds.  Everything looked as if they had not even been here.  I will never call another plumbing company.  Sutherland Plumbing is the only one I will ever call.  They could teach the other guys how a business should be run.  Look up the definition of “Professional” and you will find SUTHERLAND PLUMBING.  Prompt, efficient, professional, honest and friendly!

Ti, you and the guys are the best in the business.  Keep up the great work!

5 Stars (Yelp)

Gary R – Happy Valley, OR

SP Sand

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