School’s Back – Safety Reminder!!

Here in the Portland Metro area and across the nation, school is officially back in session!  As a family company, we here at Sutherland Plumbing would like to remind all of our blog readers to please drive safely.  Here are a few tips to help keep you, your family, your neighbors and your community safe:

  1. Carefully read and follow all traffic safety signals and signs.

  2. When in a school zone please take extra precaution to closely obey the reduced speed requirements.

  3. When in a school zone, please DO NOT speed-up until you are completely out of the school zone.

  4. DO NOT text, email or instant message under any circumstances while driving.  If it’s that important – pullover to a safe place before using your phone.

  5. Even if you’re on a phone call using a hands-free device, please be aware that your attention is still distracted and be extra cautious while using the hands-free device.

  6. This time of year, there are many kids around, even outside of school zones and school hours.  Please be careful even while driving outside of school zones and/or school hours.

  7. If in doubt – SLOW DOWN!

Ti in Corn Maze

Let’s all work together to keep our kids safe. Drive with extra caution and safety this school season!

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