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Why Choose Sutherland Plumbing?

Clear, accurate estimates with no surprises:

Today is no different from the past – businesses compete over price and sometimes price alone. One way businesses do this is to quote cheap prices over the phone or advertise low rates and then tell you what it’s really going to cost once they are in your home or business!  A.K.A “the bait and switch!” The cheap rate over the phone is often half the truth. The low rate or quote “sight unseen” may not include or cover a variety of items that usually cost extra.

Sutherland Plumbing technicians will look at the issue, explain the process in detail and answer all of your questions prior to work commencing. This way you know what all of your options are and what costs those options carry before any work begins!

Master Plumber Ti Sutherland will personally provide you with a clear, concise, accurate, written estimate prior to any work commencing. Just call (503) 719-4015. Call Today!

Sutherland Plumbing – We Work Hard & Play Hard!

Here at Sutherland Plumbing, not only do we work hard for our valued customers – but when the time is right we also play hard:

SP Truck Beach

Here’s one of our hard-working trucks taking a much needed break from the recent heat-waves!

Welcome to Portland’s #1 Plumbing Blog!

Sutherland Plumbing, LLC is the Portland Metro area’s Premier Family-Owned Plumbing Service.

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