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Sutherland Plumbing at Work!

Here’s a recent photo of Sean Anderson – Sutherland Plumbing’s Superstar JATC Apprentice Plumber – fully geared-up and ready for another day of hard work!!

Sean Anderson

Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson.

Sutherland Plumbing approved for Apprenticeship Area 1 JATC!

Sutherland Plumbing is a state approved training facility for plumbing Apprenticeship Area 1 JATC.  The State of Oregon reached-out for photos and our very own Sean Anderson was picked twice for their album!
Sean Apprenticeship 1
Sean Apprenticeship 2

It’s Official! Sutherland Plumbing has a new Certified JATC Apprentice!!

It’s official – Last week Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson was inducted into the AREA 1 JATC Plumbing Apprenticeship! Nice work Sean! See you at the top!!

On that note: anyone that is interested in becoming an Oregon Licensed Journeyman Plumber should contact the Area One JATC: Call (503) 675-0548, Email: info@areaonejatc.com or go to: www.area1jatc.com

Congratulations Sean!

Congratulations Sean!