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Sean Anderson Enjoys The Beach After a Hard Workin’ Week!

Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson Takes in The Scene at The Coast – Enjoying Some Quality Outdoor Time After A Working Hard All Week ….

Sutherland Plumbing – It’s Not Just Talk, It’s Who We Are…

Sutherland Plumbing’s Hard Work, Dedication & Quality Workmanship.

It’s Not Just Talk, It’s Who We Are.

Sutherland Plumbing crew member Sean Anderson ready for more hard work after replacing waste and water lines for a remodeling job at a home in Portland, Oregon. In the background you can see that not only do we replace your old plumbing fixtures – we’ll dispose of them too…

Sutherland Plumbing crew members John Benton and Sean Anderson replace waste & water lines for a remodeling job at a home in Portland, Oregon.  We do whatever it takes to get the job done with the highest quality standards.

The Proof is in The Reviews – Thank You to our Customers!!!

May 25th 2017

This is the first review I’ve ever written and Sutherland Plumbing deserves it!

John and his crew were extremely professional and came over one day to check everything in the house to determine what might have caused our high water bills.

They came back a few days later to replace the upstairs and downstairs “contractor special” toilets; a lowboy, under the stairs, a water heater (including a drip pan & hose to the crawl space in case of an overflow leak) and the outdoor hose faucet with a non-freeze unit.

John explained everything thoroughly, they worked quickly, gave us discounts, used only high grade materials, covered their work shoes and left everything spotless!!! What more could you ask for? You couldn’t even tell they had been here!

And, without mentioning it, John replaced one of the shower heads and even put a light source & switch in the crawl space so that we no longer have to go down there like miners with our flashlight and lantern!

When you consider that we now have low flush, one-piece “Toto” toilets, a secured and potentially flood proof Bradford-White water heater, crawl space lighting and a non-frost outdoor water outlet that will be trouble proof for many years to come, it was worth it.

If you want to use lesser quality/lower price products, they might not be the company for you. But, if you want long-term, solid products put in with excellent workmanship, then Sutherland Plumbing are the ones to call.

5 Stars (Yelp)

The Kent Family – Portland, OR


May 13th 2017

Value. Often it’s the peace of mind in knowing you received an excellent product with exceptional service at a fair cost, along with a great warranty.

I’m the maintenance coordinator of a 38 unit condo complex, so I see a lot of contractors every week. When my own hot water heater needed to be replaced, I called Sutherland Plumbing. John was quick to return my call, provided a written estimate right away and by the luck of a canceled appointment, was able to get out to me the same day (which is really helpful when you have no hot water in the house)!

John and Cameron were efficient, clean & punctual. They put plastic covers on the stairs & entryway and wore shoe covers, etc. They improved on the existing situation, explained what they did and how to operate the new unit, cleaned their work area to spotless when finished and the price came in at bid, even showing me how to save $25 on the bill. Nobody likes to have to come out of pocket for unexpected homeowner repairs but I was very satisfied with a job exceptionally well done.

Value. I found it with Sutherland Plumbing and give them my highest recommendation without hesitation!

5 Stars (Yelp)

Charles M – Lake Oswego, OR


May 1st 2017

You know when something important or expensive breaks, it’s usually at two o’clock in the morning on a Sunday and no one will help you for days? 

Sutherland Plumbing will help you ASAP.

I’ve called Sutherland Plumbing on multiple occasions. They’ve always been honest, forthright, realistic in their quotes and delivery of work quality. They show up when they say they will and are good at communicating. They are professional, courteous and respectful.

I know Sutherland Plumbing will fix things the right way, the first time and I trust them not to try and up-sell me on things I don’t need or want.

I trust them in my home and I trust them to help me when I need a plumbing expert. Every time.

5 Stars (Yelp)

Sean J – Hillsboro, OR


Sutherland Plumbing Gets the Job Done – No Matter What!!!

Sean Anderson is Always First to Volunteer for the Dirty Work!!

It’s a Dirty Job but Someone Has to do it!!


Spring Has Sprung!

“Spring has sprung” after an unusually long & cold winter here in the Portland Metro area. This made the last few months an extremely busy yet fun and exciting time for the crew here at Sutherland Plumbing!

Here’s a few of our favorite moments from this winter:

 An unusually cold winter winds to an end in Portland…

Even in the Snow – Sutherland Plumbing is Always Stocked-Up for our Customers!

Sutherland Plumbing Heavy Duty Water-Proof Shoeboot Covers to Protect your Floors!

Snow Day!

Sun, rain, snow we go!

Nothing stops this guy!! Rain, cold, sleet or snow…Sean Anderson always rises to the occasion!

Hot & Cold Frost-Proof Hose Spigot – Installed by Sean Anderson!


Sutherland Plumbing at Work!

Here’s Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson installing a 1-1/4″ Pressure Reducing Valve!

Sutherland Plumbing's Sean Anderson installing a 1-1/4" Pressure Reducing Valve.

Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson installing a 1-1/4″ Pressure Reducing Valve.




Sutherland Plumbing at Work!

Here’s a recent photo of Sean Anderson – Sutherland Plumbing’s Superstar JATC Apprentice Plumber – fully geared-up and ready for another day of hard work!!

Sean Anderson

Sutherland Plumbing’s Sean Anderson.

Sutherland Plumbing approved for Apprenticeship Area 1 JATC!

Sutherland Plumbing is a state approved training facility for plumbing Apprenticeship Area 1 JATC.  The State of Oregon reached-out for photos and our very own Sean Anderson was picked twice for their album!
Sean Apprenticeship 1
Sean Apprenticeship 2

Sutherland Plumbing – Not Afraid of Hard Work!

Sean Anderson earning his keep, jack-hammering through a concrete bathroom floor to repair drain(s).

Sean Anderson earning his keep, jack-hammering through a concrete bathroom floor to repair drain(s).

Great Plumbers Get Great Customer Emails!

March 23, 2015

Hi Ti,
Just wanted to pass along thanks to John for his patience and help last Friday.  It turned out that the “instahot” wouldn’t fit under my parents’ sink without extensive retrofits to the faucet & sink layout, etc. John and Sean spent almost an hour figuring out alternatives and also installed a blank for us to seal the hole in the sink from the original dispenser. 
We offered to pay for their time and the blank but they wouldn’t permit us.  
Thanks for the great service! We will call you first with any plumbing needs and will continue to recommend you to friends. Hope business is good. 
Dennis – Portland, OR
Ti Sutherland with his Sutherland Plumbing crew members, John Benton (right) and Sean Anderson.

Ti Sutherland with his Sutherland Plumbing crew members, John Benton (right) and Sean Anderson.