Check-out this great review from just one of our many satisfied customers!

“I called Sutherland Plumbing and within the hour they were at my door.  I don’t know anything about plumbing and am nervous about being overcharged, but they did a very thorough assessment of my problems (running toilet & leak under sink) and were very upfront about the best way to fix them.  I even put my Dad on the phone with Master Plumber, Ti Sutherland to discuss the issues before going ahead with the repairs.  All hardware (including the toilet) was on the truck – so within a few hours everything was done. The toilet and faucet were very high quality!  I received a call a few days later checking to see if everything was to my satisfaction and confirming that the work is guaranteed for 2 years.  I highly recommend this service!!!!”
Brenda G – Portland, OR

See our website at for more great Testimonials!!

See our website at for more great Testimonials!!

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