Let’s Meet Sutherland Plumbing’s Newest Team Member!

The New Vacuum Excavator Arrives at Sutherland Plumbing!

The Vacuum Excavator is made by Ditch Witch – one of America’s premier construction industry equipment manufacturers.

The Vacuum Excavator is Sutherland Plumbing’s newest team member.  At Sutherland Plumbing, we really are ready for virtually everything!  Sutherland Plumbing’s Vacuum Excavator saves hours of messy digging on your property.  The Vacuum Excavator is one of the most important tools a plumbing company can own.  Our new Excavator is used for “Line Location,” including: Power, Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer and Communication lines.  One of the main reasons you may see this machine in action on your property would be to Quickly, Efficiently and Neatly dig around your water meter to access the main water line!  And that’s just a short description of how much the Vacuum Excavator can really do.  Stay tuned for more about Vacuum Excavation from Sutherland Plumbing, and a “shout-out” to the folks at the Ditch Witch Company for this top-notch, outstanding machine!

The Vacuum Excavator arrives at Sutherland Plumbing…

…and the Excavator is ready for some brand new logos….

…new Logos on, Ready for Action!

Sutherland Plumbing’s Vacuum Excavator is about to get hooked up to the truck and get to work!

All hooked-up, Ready to go!



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